What Is Merge?

Merge is the go-to global platform that connects all entrepreneurs with all investors. It simplifies, refines and accelerates the process of both, finding investment for entrepreneurs and finding investment opportunity for investors, and could be considered as the ultimate tool for investors and entrepreneurs to springboard their careers to future success. The platform is revolutionary as it reshapes an industry which needs to adapt to the fast-paced technological advancements of today's society.

How to Merge?

Step 1

Join the network by completing the once-off, simple sign-up steps that takes no longer than 10 minutes

Step 2

Browse through a personalized and adjustable interactive feed of your investment preferences as an entrepreneur or investor, and show interest by simply clicking a button.

Step 3

Once a mutual interest is shown a “merge” takes place. Investors and entrepreneurs are then encouraged to take matters further in a secure private chat.

Step 4

Close the deal. Meet up. Thrive


Merge allows any entrepreneur to connect with a greater network of investors. Find the investment you need for your venture, from idea to fully developed.


Investors can access a personalized feed of investment opportunities that suit their investment preferences. Find the latest innovative ventures at your fingertips.

The Digital Meeting Place for Entrepreneurs and Investors

About Us

We are a digital platform that is built for the now, with a simple philosophy. To reshape an industry which needs to adapt to the fast-paced technological society of today. We aim to do this by, alleviating some of the most prominent difficulties and challenges associated with entrepreneurship and investment. We believe that together, entrepreneurs and investors have the ability to not only shape our current society, but construct a future with endless possibilities.

We are currently living in an era where the ability to create, grow and learn has never been simpler than before, as a result of the technology we have at our disposal. This fact, along with the features and capabilities of Merge, can therefore only prove to provide to be the essential springboard for entrepreneurs and investors to launch their future success. Consequently, our features, actions and philosophy are motivated by the needs of all entrepreneurs and investors.


We view an entrepreneur to be any person that has a venture or valid idea and wishes to make a success of it.

It’s no secret that finding the right investor for your venture is a challenge that most entrepreneurs face. The current process of finding investment is one that is outdated, and limits entrepreneurs due to a lack of time, and network that is needed to find the right investor. From idea to developed, the platform allows entrepreneurs to present a brief outline of their venture to a network of all investor types. While doing this, entrepreneurs are able to browse through, and connect with investor profiles that suit their requirements.

Private Investor

We classify an investor as any person that aims to add value to a venture through capital or mentorship, in exchange for returns.

For investors, more often than not there is a minimum net-worth requirement to be able to join an angel network or even be considered as a serious investor. This minimum net-worth figure is usually so high that it excludes thousands of potential investors that can potentially fund or provide mentorship to entrepreneurs. Merge allows all investors to join. They have the ability to personalise their feed to suit their investment preferences through various filters, and will be able to connect with innovative businesses at their fingertips.

Corporate Investor

We view a Corporate Investor to be an organisation that aims to grow and develop entrepreneurial ventures through their extensive access to capital and network.

Venture Capital firms, Accelerators, Incubators and Private Equity all face similar challenges of their own. Ensuring that they have a greater quantity and quality of dealflow, while using their valuable time, capital and resources as effectively as possible. The digital platform allows for Corporate Investors to find investment opportunities that are suited to them at a much faster rate. From aerospace to agriculture, local to global and idea to fully developed, Corporate Investors are able to discover their perfect investment opportunities with maximum efficiency.

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